366 monochrome moments


Carsten Peter

20151227 Germany, Frankfurt, Selfportrait Carsten Peter Black & White1x1k








Born in Bad Homburg in 1972, I graduated in Business Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Friedberg.
My first camera was a Minolta pocket camera followed by an Altix camera which I got from my father. Since the late 90s I changed to different Nikon bodies.

In every second, I take my camera with me and shot already different projects. My latest project is “Colors in Town”, where my challenge is to fight against the new age of snap shots and make a city view in a special color. Part of my work are also different photo series from Canada, France, and Scotland. I’m specialized in photographing in black & white, people e.g. musicians and live acts.

60433 Frankfurt am Main
+49 152 o178 86 52
Mail: shoot(at)cpeter(dot)de


www.capeart.de – Carsten Peter Photography – Personal Website

www.366mm.photography – Carsten Peter Photography – Project: 366mm

www.colorsintown.de – Carsten Peter Photography – Project: Colors In Town